Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The 2009 Men's Leadership Summit

I have been asked about my opinions concerning this event. The 2009 Men's Leadership Summit ran in early March 5-7 at Indianapolis. The website and promotions mentioned a Christian Education Manifesto that apparently never materialized, although mentioned a few times in the lectures. And I did write a preliminary posting on it here.

I'm sure there are those looking for the worse and hoping to find a hard-hitting expose. I'm equally sure that there are those looking for the worse and hoping to say, "You're just bitter."

I hope to disappoint both of them. The way to accomplish that is for the reader to shut down the over-driven emotional engine that I have witnessed personally on several occasions by those dedicated to a variation of Radical Homeschooling. And those most passionate (in my experience) are the leaders. And unfortunately, that has a way of clouding judgment.

For my part, the best way to avoid presenting a "hard-hitting expose" is to mostly avoid any direct references or quotes. You can get that over at John's Corner (I have verified much of his quotes and they are substantially accurate).

The way to bring to light a biblical-based examination of this conference is to write what I believe is the problem and the solution for America and for her churches especially. The links below are not necessarily to be read in order. If you have heard the summit (or were there), feel free to add your comments. Frankly, at the rate this sub-movement is growing the more dialogue the better.

Problem & Solution:
Revival of Rousseau
The Future of Homeschooling
The Revival of Homeschooling
Malachi 4:6 & the Revival of Homeschooling

Secondary Issue (many unsubstantiated claims peppered the conference)
Homeschooling, Statistics and Hype
Calvinism, History & Homeschooling
A Very Short History of Christian Education
Famous Homeschoolers in History..?
Controversy & Revival

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