Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Importance of Childhood Education--Martin Luther

"It is indeed a sin and shame that we must be aroused and incited to the duty of educating our children and of considering their highest interests, whereas nature itself should move us thereto, and the example of the heathen affords us varied instruction. There is no irrational animal that does not care for and instruct its young in what they should know, except the ostrich . . . And what would it avail if we possessed and performed all else, and became perfect saints, if we neglect that for which we chiefly live, namely, to care for the young? In my judgment, there is no other outward offence that in the sight of God so heavily burdens the world, and deserves such ' heavy chastisement, as the neglect to educate children." (Luther on Education, 131).

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