Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Need of Presbyterian Schools---Alexander

"Such being the neglect of our own body [Presbyterians], and the zeal and diligence of our opposers [Roman Catholics], we are ready to conclude, that next to the ministry of the word, and the instruction of the family, there is nothing which, under God's blessing, promises so much for the sustentation of our covenanted truth, as schools, Presbyterian schools, thorough-paced and above-board; such schools as shall, every day in the week, direct the infant mind, not only to a meager natural religion, but to the whole round of gracious truth, as it is in Christ Jesus. The principles herein asserted are not new among us: but it is high time that we should carry our principles into action."

--J. W. Alexander, old-school Presbyterian

[Report on Parochial Schools to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, 1846]

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