Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Sneaky Eight Month Old

She smiled her sweet smile--that innocent smile--up at Mom.

"Open up, baby-girl," Mom sweetly coxed.

The Baby opened her mouth wide, taking in the tasty sensation of food, "HMMmmmm..."  While swallowing, she turned her head to the left, straining to watch the morning weather--she liked the pretty colors so.

"No," Mom reprimanded.  She quickly swiveled her head toward Mom. Looking intently (having pouting lips and furrowed eyebrows) at Mom, she just as quickly smiled.

"Have some more food," Mom continued, scooping more carrots onto the Gerber spoon.  The Baby moved her head to the left again, halting half-way when Mom reminded her again: "No t.v."  She slowly moved her head back toward the spoon.  Looking at it, she opened her mouth for more goodies.

By now, she knew the house rule: no t.v. watching while eating.  Even with the, she would look for more amazing colors.  But of late, she looked less often when Mom was watching her.

Today that changed.

While Mom went for more food, Baby tried a "new" tactic. She sneaked a peek.  She thought Mom didn't notice. But the Baby quickly learned what all children learn: Moms have eyes on the back of their heads.

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