Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recent rejoinder of Family Integrated Church comments

The original article, What is a Family Integrated Church?, garnered over 80 comments.

Thus I thought it wise to write another article handling some of the issues brought up. It is published here.


Robert "Cricket" Renner said...

Pastor Shawn,

Thanks for your articles and comments on the Johannus Weslianus blog. Your words there cemented in my mind the work the Holy Spirit has been doing in my heart--that is, grace for others who do not share the same desire for homeschooling and breaking my legalistic bonds of criticism towards others who don't hold the exact same views that I do in non-essential areas. Man, thanks be to God for His grace, and for the grace others have given me for my judgmental attitudes in the past. I pray for Ryan, and those ensnared by what sounds like such a good idea!

Keep on pressin' on,

polymathis said...

Thank you Cricket.

This is an encouragement in the face of total silence of the abundance of historical and biblical evidence against radical homeschooling and family-integrated churches.

Please look around my blog here and pass on any info you think will chip away at the implicit legalism surrounding us.

for truth, purity and peace in Christ's church,

Robert "Cricket" Renner said...

Pastor Shawn,

Have you seen this pastor's blog, and where he took his church to "repentance"? http://bridgebloggin.blogspot.com/2011/04/sufficiency-of-scripture.html

Praise God for His church, and for pastors like you (and, mine!).