Friday, June 17, 2011

Recent articles about family integrated churches

This week was full of family-integrated church articles.

For those interested in intelligent interactions on this issue I offer the following. The first is an article I hope many proponents of FICs can agree upon.

1. Uniting Church and Family  The proper relation requires the Gospel.

2. A Weed in the Church: A Review.  I may expand on this in detail.

3. Family-Integrated Church Series by Prof. Sam Waldron. Part 17 here. It is an irenic engagement.

4. Christian homeschooling conference: who is Doug Phillips? There is a lively exchange in the comment section. Unfortunately, it is not as productive as the discussion with Mr. Glick here. Many ardent supporters of this movement tend to jump the gun and assume that if you critique them then you are against parents having the primary responsibility of instructing their children.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this review on of Divided?

In His service,

polymathis said...

Yes I did thank you.
He really socked it to them.
And Mr. Brown decided now was the time to respond on his own blog (see comments section of Challies).

Challies also linked to my article as well.

Have you seen the movie?

Robert "Cricket" Renner said...

I haven't, Pastor Shawn. Is it worth the time?


polymathis said...

No, Cricket, it is not. Enjoy time with your family :-)

Homekeptheart said...

wow. i just found your blog, and you just lost me with that line of snark. i just can't stand the smug attitude that people display on the iternet. i'm off to read a book. you may have a good message but you are not a very nice man.

polymathis said...

Dear Homekeptheart:

Obviously I offended you. As such I need to know wherein I offended you so that I may examine and seek God.

If that is not the case, or you do not wish to help me change my ways out of Christian charity, then please state as such.