Monday, August 15, 2011

Weak defense of Divided the movie

Here is a summary of some typical arguments defending the new family integrated movie, Divided, and why they fall short of their intended goal.


Anonymous said...

In response to your assertion that FIC is not interested in the most important issue, the gospel.

God Bless.

polymathis said...

Dear anonymous,

Contrary to what people may think, I am a busy man. What articles you read are a result of a couple year's research not last minute writings.

This is an 80 min talk. Could you point to the best parts to listen to that is germane? Does he actually talk against Sunday school or youth groups or against their abuse and false gospels?


Anonymous said...

"Uniting the church and family begins foremost with the Gospel."

I am simply pointing out that the FIC movement doesn't disagree with you.....

polymathis said...

Mr. Anonymous, That may be your intent but short of showing me that Paul Washer is an FIC man (against age-segregation as a rule) and in particular part of the NCFIC, it is a futile gesture.

Why? My articles never said the FIC does not have the gospel. My concern is that the NCFIC in particular has not (until perhaps late last year) put the Gospel up front. Especially in the confession of theirs. Did you know that cult churches have and can sign that document? How can that be if the Gospel is so clearly put first?