Family Integrated Church Movement


This series of papers evaluates the big brother of family integrated churches, the National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC). They have a public confession for churches to sign. This confession asserts that those practicing comprehensive age-segregation are using methods in line with secular and even evolutionary origins.

Those claims are false. And potentially schismatic. And here is part of the proof:

1. What is a Family Integrated Church?

2. A Rejoinder to Recent Family Integrated Church Comments

3. Uniting Church and Family (a positive presentation of my views)

Reviews of Movie and Book:

4. Flagrant Misquote in the Movie Divided

5. Review of NCFIC book, A Weed in the Church

6. Review of the NCFIC movie, Divided.

7. Review of Mr. Baucham on Youth Ministries (extended movie clip)

More detailed analysis:

7. Further Evidence of the Radical Views of Mr. Brown [see #10 below]

8. FIC Elder talks with Reformed Pastor (a long and fruitful dialog)

9. An Extended Analysis of the Claims of Doug Phillips

10. Mr. Brown's explains the "regulative principle of discipleship"

11. A Very Short History of Christian Education (presents the true history of homechooling, etc.)

12. A Sketch of the history of age-segregation among Christians