Uniting Church and Family


This collection of essays is a work of love. It is the result of a homeschooling father who investigated the claims of homeschooling‘s inherent superiority both in history and in academic testing. It is the conclusion of a Presbyterian minister who evaluated the claims of homeschooling and family integrated church revivals.

It is my hope and prayer that this small effort will alleviate any false guilt found among families who are pressured by such spurious claims. I know it already has. My desire is to stop the public propagation of these unsubstantiated views. May leading voices of these assertions read the essays and change their minds or rhetoric. Or failing that, may they begin public dialogue with their detractors.

At the end of the day, all sides agree that families are under attack from within and without. Yet if help for the family is to be found, it can only come from the means of grace given by God, the greatest of which is the bold and clear presentation of sin and salvation.

For peace, unity and truth in Christ‘s Body,

Family Integrated Church Movement

What is a Family Integrated Church?
Uniting Church and Family
A Weed in the Church: A Review
Review of the Christian Movie, Divided
(Flagrant misquote in the movie Divided)


I Was Homeschooled
In Defense of Homeschooling
The Statistics of Homeschooling
A Story About Scholarship
The Future of Homeschooling
A Very Short History of Christian Education

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