Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mr. Baucham on youth ministries, uncut

Here is the unedited interview with Mr. Voddie Baucham from the movie, Divided.

I was asked my opinion about this segment. That will be the next posting, Lord willing.

(More about the movement here.)


Todd Smith said...

Looking forward to it.

Todd Smith said...

I assume you've been too busy to post. Otherwise the other assumption is that Mr. Baucham doesn't violate any Scriptural principles by what he says?

polymathis said...

Mr. Smith, thank you for your patience.

Perhaps readers out there do not realize how involved it can be to analyze, and even debunk, much that can be easily asserted but difficult to prove one way or another. The history research is especially laborious.

Todd Smith said...

Mr. Mathis, I realize it does take a lot of time to go through material and check it out. Thanks for part 1.