Thursday, May 19, 2011

How our spiritual fathers educated their families

Here is a list of articles explaining the opinions and practices of our spiritual fathers and mothers on the issue of Christian education. It probably goes against everything you have heard in some homeschooling circles:

 The Necessity of the Christian Schools, J. Gresham Machen

 Children in the Hands of Arminians, B. B. Warfield

  Plans of Religious Instruction, Part 1, Hodge

 Education, Protestantism and the West, Part 2

 The Old Virginia System, Dabney

 Comparing State Schools, Dabney

 Noble Exercises of Teachers, Baxter

 Necessity of Schools, Comenius

 Need of Presbyterian Schools, J. W. Alexander

 Home Education Defined, Issac Taylor

 Preparing for School: Attitude, Comenius

 Vindication of Sunday School, A. Alexander

 Non-parental Discipline, Comenius

 Sunday School, Samuel Miller

 History of Christian Education: Westminster Divines

 The Importance of Childhood Education, Luther


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